When car owners in Medina and Plymouth need their headlights checked out, they choose Nordgren Automotive. Our ASE-Certified Auto mechanics will carefully inspect your vehicle’s headlights and tail lights. We are proud to have earned the trust of our clients, and we will work just as hard to win yours.

Don’t ignore problems with your headlights and tail lights. The last thing you want is to be driving on our Minnesota streets unable to see. Our highly skilled auto mechanics at Nordgren Automotive will inspect your car and determine why your lights aren’t shining. Together, we will develop a plan to service your vehicle’s headlights and tail lights, based on both your budget and lifestyle.

While waiting for your car, feel free to enjoy the coffee and snacks that we provide in our beautiful lobby. Our auto mechanics are quick and efficient. However, sometimes maintenance requires can take a bit longer than you would like, which is why we offer free loaner cars. Your day doesn’t need to come to a complete halt.

Not only are our clients from Medina and Plymouth, but they also come from surrounding areas as they’ve come to expect the best at Nordgren Automotive. You can rely on our professional and personable auto mechanics. Our team has gained recognition in the auto repair industry because we offer honesty, professionalism, and a genuine passion for our work. From the moment you visit our facilities, you will be at ease knowing that you made the right choice when choosing us as your preferred auto repair center. We are located at 902 Hwy 55, Medina, MN 55340.