• Why Spring is the Best Time to Change your Air Filter

    Thursday 01 March 2018

    We have all heard the term “spring cleaning,” but did you know that it applies to your car as well? Your vehicle was working overtime during winter, and spring is the perfect time to give it some much-needed TLC. And one of the most important and beneficial tasks is to change your air filter. In fact, spring is the perfect time to change your air filter. Why? Here are three reasons:   Spring is almost synonymous with the pollen, and your car’s cabin air filter is a defe... read more

  • 5 Tips for Driving with Your Dog

    Thursday 01 February 2018

      We have all heard of the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend”. For most of us who love the company of our dogs, we can’t help but want to bring along our furry co-pilot. However, it’s not all fun and games when your beloved pet becomes a distraction. Before embarking on a journey with your pup, we recommend checking out these 5 tips for driving with your dog:   Be aware of the laws for driving with dogs. If you are planning a road trip with your pet... read more

  • Are You Ready to Handle a Roadside Emergency?

    Monday 01 January 2018

    At Nordgren Automotive, we aim to prevent you, your passengers, and your vehicle from being stuck on the side of the road. Unfortunately, our proactive approach to auto repair doesn’t eliminate your chances of ending up in a tight spot, and our team believes it always better to be safe than sorry. That’s why we want you to be ready for a roadside emergency. Here is a list of items you should keep in your vehicle at all times:   Fully Charged Cell Phone: Your car breaks down... read more

  • Best Christmas Gifts for Car-Lovers

    Friday 01 December 2017

    If you are like our team at Nordgren Automotive, you just can’t get enough of automobiles, and you definitely wouldn’t mind having all Christmas gifts be car-themed. If this sounds like you or one of your loved ones, then keep reading. We have compiled a list of the 10 best Christmas gifts for car-lovers:   Encyclopedia of Classic Cars: This book contains 1,800 photographs of some of the world’s most beloved and coveted classic cars. Car Seat Gap Filler: From fries to... read more

  • Let’s Get Your Car Ready for Winter

    Wednesday 01 November 2017

    Winter can take a toll on the condition of your vehicle, as it will struggle with all that Jack Frost has to offer. At Nordgren Automotive, we want to make sure your vehicle is up for the challenge. Our team will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, so it is ready and safe for the upcoming chilly months.   During winter, we are faced with a myriad of elements, including snow, rain, and wind, and most often, your car is your first line of defense against these elements. That’s why it is... read more