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5 Most Essential Services Your Car Needs in the New Year

5 Most Essential Services Your Car Needs in the New Year

2019 may have taken a toll on your vehicle. To ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape, performing safely and securely, there are certain services your car needs. The team at Nordgren Automotive is all about transparency -- we are upfront about the services your vehicle needs and which services can wait until next time. Here are five of the most essential services your car needs in the New Year:  Assess the quality of your vehicle’s services. The fluid in your vehicle lubricates all the moving parts in your engine to minimize any friction. Now is an excellent time to have a technician inspect your car’s fluid levels.  Take time for your tires. You need to make time for tire rotation, alignment inspections, and maintenance of proper tire pressure. All these services will ensure your tires wear down evenly.  Don’t forget about your belts and hoses. Your serpentine belts are involved in the operation of most engine parts, including your alternator and w ... read more