New Year’s Resolutions for Being a Better Car Owner

First and foremost, the team at Nordgren Automotive wants to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year's! We can't believe how fast the year has flown by and that 2021 is officially here! We look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the New Year, and we hope you continue to have a safe winter season! 

We are excited to see what 2021 has to hold for all of us -- it is time for a fresh start. Speaking of fresh starts, 2021 also means it is time to start thinking of our New Year's resolutions. The team at Nordgren Automotive has a few suggestions, all car-related, of course. We can't help but think of all the time we spend with our vehicle. Why not have New Year's resolutions geared towards becoming a better and safer car owner? 

Here are four New Year's resolutions for being a better car owner: 

  1. Keep your vehicle hydrated! Just like how we need fluids to stay happy, healthy, and hydrated, your car does too. These fluids can include brake fluid, oil, and coolant. The team at Nordgren Automotive makes accomplishing this New Year's resolution easy -- simply bring your vehicle to our shop, and we will perform a thorough inspection. 
  2. Stay up-to-date with preventative maintenance. If you are looking to keep your vehicle performing in tip-top shape for the long-term, preventative maintenance is critical. Routine services are necessary for preserving your vehicle's longevity and driveability, regardless of the make, model, or mileage. 
  3. Take time for your tires. Don't forget about your tires either! To prevent a flat tire and get greater mileage, a tire inspection performed by qualified technicians is essential. This way, we can identify and address issues with your tires before they turn into more significant and often more costly problems. 
  4. Don't forget about your vehicle's interior. The team at Nordgren Automotive can help you with under your hood, but keeping your vehicle's interior clean and tidy is mostly up to you. A clean car goes a long way. The first step is removing all the clutter from your vehicle that might have accumulated throughout 2020. From there, we recommend placing a small trash bag in your vehicle to collect all the crumbs, wrappers, and any other clutter. 

Nordgren Automotive is here to help you accomplish your New Year's resolutions. Schedule your visit online or call the Nordgren Automotive team with your questions.