Keep Your Vehicle Hydrated By Checking These Fluids

Our body needs fluids to stay happy and hydrated. You might be surprised to learn that your vehicle does too. To avoid potentially dangerous and costly problems, it is essential to keep an eye on your vehicle’s fluid levels. The team at Nordgren Automotive is here to help -- our technicians can examine your vehicle’s fluid levels to ensure your vehicle is happy, healthy, and hydrated! 

Your vehicle needs more than just gas to stay hydrated. Our team will keep your vehicle hydrated by checking these fluids: 

  1. Oil might be the most critical fluid in your engine. Your engine is comprised of thousands of moving parts, all moving quickly and creating friction. Oil lubricates all these components in your engine. 
  2. As the name suggests, antifreeze keeps your engine cool. If your vehicle is running low on antifreeze or coolant, your engine can overheat, and you might end up on the side of the road. 
  3. The next substantial fluid is washer fluid. This is the fluid you use to clean your windshield when it gets dirty. It might seem minor, but imagine you are driving down the road and unable to see. You need washer fluid to properly and thoroughly clean your window. 
  4. If you like to steer straight and smoothly, power steering fluid is a complete must. 
  5. Your transmission is easily one of the most complicated pieces of machinery in your engine, and it needs automatic transmission fluid to operate. If your vehicle doesn’t have ATF, it actually won’t even move. 
  6. Last but not least is brake fluid. Your braking system is synonymous with your safety, and if something is amiss within your braking system, including low fluid levels, you might not be able to stop safely. 

At Nordgren Automotive, no stone goes unturned, so to speak. We will thoroughly examine your vehicle’s fluid levels to make sure everything is at the appropriate level. Our job is to keep your vehicle happy, healthy, and hydrated, and we take our job quite seriously. 
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