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5 Ways to Protect Your Car from Summer Heat

You think July in Minnesota is hot? Try living on Mercury! The high temperature on the planet closest to our Sun can reach 801 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, hot enough to melt lead.   But that’s of little comfort here on Earth when you’re sweltering in 95-degree heat...and don’t even get us started about the humidity! (To paraphrase Mark Twain, why is it that everybody talks about the humidity but nobody does anything about it?)   Since July has arrived with its suitcases full of burning lava and is planning to stay all month, it’s time to consider what we can do to protect our cars from the heat this month and the rest of the summer. Here are five suggestions for keeping your car from melting like lead on the surface of Mercury when you’re away from home and your nice, shady garage:   If you must park outside, drive around for a few extra minutes to try and find a shady spot. Sometimes parking your car in the shade of a big SUV c ... read more