Best Christmas Gifts for Car-Lovers

If you are like our team at Nordgren Automotive, you just can’t get enough of automobiles, and you definitely wouldn’t mind having all Christmas gifts be car-themed. If this sounds like you or one of your loved ones, then keep reading. We have compiled a list of the 10 best Christmas gifts for car-lovers:


  1. Encyclopedia of Classic Cars: This book contains 1,800 photographs of some of the world’s most beloved and coveted classic cars.

  2. Car Seat Gap Filler: From fries to spare change, have you ever noticed how many things end up between your seats and center console? This gap filler will put an end to this messy area.

  3. Car Charger: This gift may seem like a no-brainer, but a car charger can be quite useful, especially if they can accommodate more than one mobile device at a time. We recommend purchasing one that has at least three ports.

  4. One-Gallon Car Mats: If you are also a clean freak, along with being a car-lover, you will love these car mats that can hold up to one-gallon of liquid. There doesn’t seem to be any mess these car mats can’t handle.

  5. Heated Massage Cushion: If you or your loved one spends a lot of time in a car, then these seat covers are perfect for you. This cushion is not only heated but also has massage capabilities.

  6. Dash Cam: A dash cam is an excellent way to record potential accidents, other drivers, or even yourself jamming out to your favorite song while cruising down the Medina streets.

  7. Speedometer Cufflinks: We think, with these cufflinks, dressing up will be a lot easier for all those car enthusiasts out there.

  8. Leather Embossed Keychain: A leather embossed keychain with initials is a personable gift that will look great with any set of keys.

  9. Ferrari Lego Set: If your car-enthusiast is a bit on the younger side, we think this Lego set, designed to look like a crimson Ferrari, will be the perfect Christmas gift.

  10. Engine Block Coffee Table: This gift is on the expensive side, but it would be a dream to have an engine-inspired coffee table in our living room.

After you have checked your car-lover off your list, don’t forget about your car this holiday season. Our team of auto mechanics at Nordgren Automotive would be happy to give your car a little extra TLC, especially since we all have to work a little harder during the winter months. To schedule an appointment at Nordgren Automotive, call us at (763) 703-1365.