Bucket List for the End of Summer

Summer’s nearly over and it’s almost time for the kids to go back to school! Here are some ideas for those dog days of summer that’ll keep you looking back with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. 

Do Something You’ve Never Done Before 

Summer is a time for exploration and for trying out new things (in a safe environment, of course!). We recommend something in or around water, and maybe one that involves inner tubes. Have you ever played inner tube water polo? The inner tubes keep you from getting hurt, and the number one rule is to have fun! Could you handle that? Hah! Thought so! Another thing that’s really fun with inner tubes is floating on a stream or playing in a swimming pool. 

Barbeque, Barbeque, Barbeque

There may be something you’ve been meaning to try barbecuing but haven’t. For instance, have you ever barbequed pineapple? It’s easy and delicious! Cut off the crown and end, peel away the outside, and cut away as many of the eyes as possible. Slice it into rounds. You can either put the rounds directly on the grill or wrap each one in aluminum foil with a little brown sugar. (If you want to glaze a few pieces with some rum for the adults, we won’t tell!) Top with vanilla ice cream for a special treat. And, of course, the ubiquitous hot dogs and burgers that kids of all ages love are great for an August bbq. 

Go Car Camping

Car camping is so much easier than trekking out into the wilderness, don’t you agree? Lots of campgrounds have family-friendly activities, such as making s’mores or learning about local birds and wildlife. Some people like to put a foam mat in the car and sleep in the car! And if there’s any danger of rain, you can always hop in the car if the weather threatens to rain on your parade. Another benefit of car camping is you can bring more yummy things to eat in a cooler. Just be sure to listen to what the rangers tell you about safeguarding your food from bears and other wildlife because bears are strong and they can smell food really well! 

Pick Your Own Fruit

Here in Minnesota, apples, blueberries, and grapes are good choices for picking in August. Blueberries are available through mid-August, and grapes are available starting in mid-August through the end of September. Why not take the family to a local farm and pick a peck of pickled...you get the picture! And, if you like to cook, making pies, jam, or cookies with the fruit you pick could be an activity that involves the whole family, although you might want to freeze it until the weather is a bit cooler. (Freeze the fruit, not the family, that is.) Of course, you can always eat the fruit without cooking it, too!

What Activities Does Your Family Enjoy? 

Come by and let us know! We can always use more ideas, too! 

We at Nordgren Automotive hope the above suggestions will give you some ideas for enjoying the waning days of summer. Remember--August is a great time to have your kids’ cars serviced before they head back to college. With a new school year starting, we want to be sure your kids are safe on the roads. Give us a call to schedule an appointment at (763) 703-1365.