Coolest Automotive Technology and Trends in the Next Decade

The automotive industry is expected to be revolutionized in the next decade. We can expect to see many big changes that most likely will affect us all. The team at Nordgren Automotive plans to stay on the cutting-edge of the automotive industry, which is why our team continues to receive training. We make sure our facility is updated with the latest tools and technology. 

Here is what we can expect to see in the next decade: 

  1. Car manufacturers are attempting to sell their vehicles online, as we see many different auto retailers entering the market. Consumers are looking to touch and feel their cars, so we can expect to see technology that will revolutionize how we buy cars.
  2. You can expect car prices to continue to increase in the new decade, which is why you will see many people looking to purchase used vehicles. The team at Nordgren Automotive is here to help with a pre-purchase inspection. 
  3. Ever heard of the term “immortal car?” Yes, it is an actual thing, thanks to future cars being engrained with mobile command centers that allow auto manufacturers to update their older cars with the latest safety features instilled in newer vehicles. 
  4. Even though it is common to see electric vehicles in metropolitan areas, we are still a far cry away from electric vehicles dominating the market. It may be a struggle for autonomous cars to get out of the test phase in the next ten years. 
  5. It looks like, due to our relationship with China, additional tariffs will be imposed, which means the price of foreign-manufactured vehicles or parts will increase in 2020. 

Each day is a step toward your future, and start your car’s future off right in the new decade with an inspection performed by the team at Nordgren Automotive. Schedule an appointment or call us at (763) 703-1365.