Nordgren Automotive’s Guide to Dashboard Warning Lights

When something needs attention in your vehicle, typically a warning light will appear on your dashboard. And these warning lights can range from a reduced power warning to even a loose gas cap. But the team at Nordgren’s Automotive doesn’t want you to panic when you see the flash of these warning lights. We make it our mission to quickly and accurately take care of the problem while keeping you informed each step of the way.


Here is our guide to dashboard warning lights:


  • Coolant Warning Light: This light resembles a thermometer, and when you see it appear on your dashboard, it usually means your coolant levels are low. Without coolant, your engine would be so hot that it most likely would weld itself together. It could also mean your engine is overheating. Either way, if you see this light on your dashboard, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Nordgren Automotive.

  • Tire Pressure Warning Light: This light is relatively easy to identify, as it has an exclamation point. This dashboard flash means one or more of your tire’s pressure is low.

  • Oil Pressure Warning Light: This signal resembles a genie’s lamp, but instead of granting you three wishes, it is telling you that you need to check your engine’s oil level or that there is a problem within your oil pressure system.

  • Check Engine Light: This light, which resembles a yellow submarine, is practically infamous, as it indicates there is something wrong with your engine but doesn’t necessarily show you what or where the problem may be. Our technicians will identify the underlying cause of the light and discuss with you the best course of action.

  • Anti Lock Brake System Light: This warning light is easy to identify since it usually reads “ABS.” Usually, it means there is an issue with your anti-lock brake system.


Regardless of which warning light appears on your dashboard, bring your vehicle to the technicians at Nordgren Automotive. Our team will thoroughly examine your car, figuring out the cause of that flashing light. And we take measures to ease your stress and anxiety, as your peace of mind on the road is our top priority. To schedule an appointment with Nordgren Automotive, call us at (763) 703-1365.