Summer Drives Near and Around Medina

In the wake of COVID-19, finding safe and fun activities to do this summer can be a challenge. However, a summer drive is an excellent way to traverse through beautiful Michigan and appreciate what this lovely state has to offer, all while staying safe in your vehicle. The team at Nordgren Automotive is here to help keep you safe with summer with both auto repair and by recommending summer drives near and around Medina: 

  1. North Shore Scenic Byway: This 145-mile stretch of road along Lake Superior’s limestone cliffs and forests is picturesque. Along the way, you will pass by lovely lake views, a waterfall, and a lighthouse. 
  2. Lake Mile Lacs Scenic Byway: This road trip is a treasure trove of culture and beauty -- the best of both worlds. Admire the stunning views as you drive through the area the Ojibwe have called home for thousands of years. 
  3. Gunflint Trail: The Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway is located in the far northeastern tip of Minnesota. This trail traverses through the Superior National Forest, and you can easily spot moose, pick some wild berries, and relax in and appreciate the wilderness. 
  4. Great River Road: The Mighty Mississippi starts in Minnesota, and the river starts in the south and runs through various communities along the way, including the Twin Cities. 
  5. Bluff Country Byway: Minnesota’s spirit is nestled along the Bluff Country Scenic Byway. You can even drive by Lanesbro, an art colony complete with Victorian architecture. 

We want your summer drive to go off without a hitch. Preventative maintenance can go a long to preserve the safety and driveability of your vehicle, so your summer plans can go uninterrupted. 

The team at Nordgren Automotive doesn’t want you to worry about your vehicle,  regardless of whether you are driving through Michigan or running to the store for groceries. Bring your vehicle to Nordgren Automotive for an inspection, and we will get started ensuring the longevity and driveability of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment online or call the Nordgren Automotive team at (763) 703-1365. We look forward to seeing you soon!