The Importance of Tire Maintenance

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests that tires are partially responsible for at least 11,000 traffic crashes each year. Almost 200 people die in those accidents. Those 11,000 accidents could have been prevented by essential and routine tire maintenance. Not only is tire maintenance imperative to your safety, but it is also costly. The damages from those accidents resulted in damages excess of $2 billion annually. Tire maintenance can prevent both potentially expensive and dangerous repairs. 

The team at Nordgren Automotive can’t stress the importance of tire maintenance enough. Tire maintenance ensures your tires remain safe and functional. Here are the basics of tire maintenance: 

  1. Wheel Alignment -- Your wheel alignment should be checked by qualified technicians each year, or any other time, you worry your alignment seems off. If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side, most likely, your wheels need an alignment. 
  2. Tire Rotation -- Routine tire rotation, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, can protect your tires from irregular wear and can also improve your tire’s overall longevity. 
  3. Tread Wear -- It is essential to keep an eye out for tread wear. Damage or excess ear to your tires can cause hydroplaning or other issues. 
  4. Tire Inflation -- For proper road grip, handling, and braking, adequate tire inflation is a must. To ensure your tires are correctly inflated, our technicians will use a tire pressure gauge to examine their depth. 

It is easy to see why tire maintenance is an absolute must. Treadwear, misaligned wheels, and improper inflation are just a few examples of issues that can lead to accidents, injuries, and a costly repair. However, routine tire maintenance is an easily attainable goal. Our team at Nordgren Automotive is here to help you keep up with your tire maintenance. 

We recognize that this is a trying time for all of us. At Nordgren Automotive, we don’t want you to worry about the condition of your vehicle, from tires to taillights. Schedule an appointment online or call the Nordgren Automotive team at (763) 703-1365 to use one of our specials. We look forward to seeing you soon!