What Needs to Be In Your Vehicle’s Emergency Kit?

Winter is almost here, which means we will be breaking out the scarves, sweaters, and coats to prepare for the drop in temperature. Winter also signals the start of the holiday season, which means many of us will be driving to see our loved ones. The team at Nordgren Automotive recommends putting together an emergency kit to store in your vehicle. 

It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your vehicle. An emergency kit is an excellent way to be prepared for whatever may come your way. Here are some examples of what you can store in your emergency kit: 

  1. Car jack and spare tire. 
  2. Jumper cables. 
  3. Emergency car battery charger. 
  4. Pocket Knife. 
  5. Emergency Blanket. 
  6. Nonperishable snacks like granola bars. 
  7. Rain poncho. 
  8. Snow shovel. 
  9. Window scraper. 
  10. Water. 
  11. Flashlight. 
  12. Utility gloves. 
  13. Reflective vest. 
  14. First-aid kit. 
  15. Reflective triangles. 
  16. Portable car charger. 
  17. Basic tool kit. 
  18. Duct tape. 
  19. Wool blanket. 
  20. Car cellphone charger
  21. Local road maps 
  22. Disinfecting wipes 
  23. Kitty Litter and/or salt. (to help with tire traction)
  24. Extra quart of oil. 
  25. Any normal medications. 
  26. Chains. 
  27. Matches. 
  28. List of important phone numbers in case phone dies. 
  29.  Tie downs and/or bungee cords. 
  30. Compass. 

Another way to prepare for winter is to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop for an inspection. This way, our technicians can get your car ready for whatever you have in store this holiday season. We don’t want you to deal with any surprises this winter. Schedule your visit online or call the Nordgren Automotive team with your questions.