What You Should Know About Your Gasoline

Without gasoline, where would we be? So many vital functions of America runs on gas, including our transportation. However, you would be surprised to how much we don’t know about such an integral ingredient to our success. Imagine a day without gasoline. You might find yourself waking up exceptionally early to grab that bicycle out of the garage and biking with your briefcase to work. 

Here is what you should know about your gasoline: 

  1. How much are the taxes you pay per gallon? The taxes you pay per gallon of fuel will vary from state to state, but basically, taxation is 12% of the price you pay to fill up your vehicle. 
  2. Where does your gas come from? This is a tough question that actually may not even have an answer. Just keep in mind that the product you put into your vehicle probably has been to more countries than you. 
  3. Why does gasoline come from abroad rather than the United States? The U.S. is making great strides in limiting their dependence on fuel, but the short answer is that gasoline producers have higher profit margins going abroad, which means lower prices for you. 
  4. What even is ethanol? Ethanol is a component in gasoline that can be produced from biological sources, like sugar cane or corn. It makes up 10% of all gasoline and is quite beneficial to the overall composition of fuel, as it burns cleaner and more efficiently. 
  5. How much CO2 is produced from gasoline? This is a tricky question with an even trickier answer, but the good news is that industries in the automotive and gasoline industry are taking steps to reduce their CO2 emissions, and there are many ways for you to take part of the movement. 

Gasoline plays an essential part in your engine, and sometimes, specific damage or wear in your engine can cause your vehicle to run less fuel efficiency. If you believe something seems amiss with your car, and you are making more trips to the gas station, head on over to the technicians at Nordgren Automotive, and we will perform a thorough inspection. Schedule an appointment or call us at (763) 703-1365.