Why You Must Winterize Your Diesel and Gas Vehicles

Winter is coming, and we have to start preparing! For many of us, this means breaking out our warmest winter jackets, scarves, and sweaters. However, what about your vehicle? During the winter months, we rely on our cars even more, and we can’t help but notice when something is amiss. For example, imagine one chilly morning, your car won’t start, and you are stuck in the cold, waiting for your vehicle to be fixed. 

To avoid situations like this and to show your vehicle a little TLC, winterization for both your gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicle is an absolute must. During the colder months, your vehicle has to work extra harder to combat Mother Nature. From tires to your battery, down to even your windshield wipers, your vehicle is working that much harder. You count on your car, and to continue to do so, winterization is a complete must. 

When you bring your vehicle to Nordgren Automotive for winterization, our technicians will get right to work, making sure each component of your car is ready for what these months have in store. Winter may be coming, but doesn’t mean you have to worry -- the team at Nordgren Automotive knows how to make sure your vehicle can handle whatever both you and Mother Nature throw its way. 

Schedule an appointment or call us at (763) 703-1365 to get your diesel- and/or gasoline-powered vehicle ready for winter.